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Career pathways after school: What options do you have?

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After school, the career pathways are diverse and depend on what you want to do. Some students are interested in joining the workforce and have a particular job in mind, whether it is to become a lawyer, scientist, excavator or so on. However, most people do not know what they want to do after they finish school because there are so many options available to them.


One of the most popular career paths is entrepreneurship. With this, people start their own business and try to sell products or ideas. If you want to do this, you should have a lot of creativity and be able to think outside the box because your idea has the potential not only be successful but also make money.


Another option is going into academia as an undergraduate or graduate student interested in a specific subject matter such as science or engineering. This is often necessary if you are interested.


Choosing a career is a decision that should be carefully thought through. It is not just about the pay, but also about the kind of work you may be doing, where you are living and the people that surround you.


A career can make or break your life. Some people are happy with their jobs while others struggle to find their true calling. It is important to find something that will make you happy and fulfilled but also be able to provide for yourself and your family.


It can be difficult at first to choose what profession you want to get into because there are so many options available out there. However, it is important not to rush this decision because it may lead to an unfulfilling life.


Uncertain about where to start? Well, sometimes it is better to get started than to sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity. At the early onset of your career path fresh from tertiary education, it is not hard to see how bombarded it can be when it comes to options and career pathways. At a young age, there is only so much intuition and experience can provide and for that matter, some may consider a business internship, cadetship or in other words work experience as their first stepping stone. This is now becoming a growing factor for many students as the world becomes more saturated with students with limited availability.


Getting a job or an internship is a crucial step in gaining experience. It will give you hands-on knowledge of how the company functions, which can be valuable if you are looking for potential future employment opportunities with that company. Yes, you may not be paid for a set period, but the experience at this point in time may prove to be as valuable as ever to get your foot through the door. If you feel like university is not of your preference, you can join several professional trades whereby a university degree is not required, for example, applying to become a personal trainer does not require you to go to university. Like wise if you are a specialist in car care, then obtaining a trade qualification/diploma in automotive would be more suitable. Not all careers have to funnel through university. Always plan ahead and decide on what final career you want to lead then reverse engineer, by working backwards and finding your pathway that would lead there.


The take home message here, is to understand the significance of exposure, experience and awareness at a young age. There is no real wrongdoing here, unless you are wasting your time twiddling your thumbs. Take this opportunity to soak up what the world has to offer and try many occupations out, whether it is through non-paid or paid internships. The experience will broaden your horizon and equip you with a better perspective on what career pathway you should take. For some, this reason may be more financially-centric and for others, it may be more a business culture/lifestyle decision – this is your chance to find out your strengths and potential.

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