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Is your child completing enough homework?


What is homework?

Homework is a task or set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers and a staple for many reputable tutoring centres in Sydney.


Homework is typically used to reinforce concepts taught in school, but it can also be used as a form of downtime for some parents. Who can knock two birds with one stone, earn some free time whilst the young one attends to their educational needs. But of course, as a parent, you should still be giving them the due care they need to fulfil their academic requirements.


Homework is given by the teacher and usually takes place outside class time. The tasks are usually graded, and the results are recorded on an academic transcript or progress report card.


Why is completing your homework important?

Homework is essential because it gives the student a chance to organise their thoughts, and work on the challenging problems that they are facing. Homework allows the student to work on these problems without the pressure that often accompanies assignments in class and make connections to better understand the material that they are learning. It also gives them an opportunity to practice skills outside of school.


Some people argue that homework isn’t necessary to teach students what they need to know because after a long day at school, the students will forget whatever they learned in class. But this can be solved by teaching students One of the things that students often struggle with is figuring out how to study efficiently and make sure they understand what they are learning. One way to do this is to create flashcards of information and test yourself on them concepts before moving on.


How much homework should your children be completing?


There will be an individual variation in the amount of work that kids should do on a day-to-day basis. A general rule of thumb would be to have them focus more on their studies and less on chores, but this may not be the best plan for every child. It also depends on the level of their education, their drive and their intellect. However, it is generally believed that homework is a great way to build skills and explore new topics. It is an excellent way of learning for those children who are not as engaged in the classroom environment and a means of teaching for teachers who do not have the resources to suit all learners. There are many great benefits to assigning homework, but these benefits do come with a clear downside.


Some people believe that there should be an end to homework for children since they are often under pressure and cannot enjoy their childhoods. Others feel that homework is a very good way to help keep kids on top of their game and to prepare them for success in the classroom without needing to attend classes all day long.


Parents have a strong influence over the direction of a child’s progression and development, so it is always recommended that parents do pay attention to their child’s learning needs and providing them with the environment and opportunity to maximise on their learning. Find out what they are proficient at and work out ways to further develop areas of weakness where further improvement can be enforced. Tutoring is also a fantastic way to combine with additional homework as a means of nurturing disciplinary learning and self motivation within and outside the classroom.

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