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K-12 Tutoring Services

Our tutoring philosophy is about nurturing student confidence through growth mindset adoption. We believe that through time, effort and proven technique that students can excel beyond numeracy and literacy excellence as proficient life-long learners and problem solvers. Striving to achieve mammoth results with bright young minds.

Ms Mya

principal tutor | Qualified school teacher

Student Diagnostic Test

Understanding the results derived from the Diagnostic Test, helps to illustrate how  and what parents and teachers can do to provide their students with optimal learning conditions; fostering educational growth and development


Identify your child's weakest areas with reference to the curriculum. Provide parents with insight into which concepts their child struggled to master.

Academic Needs

Understand what needs to be done to excel and accelerate learning. Main focus is to convert struggling areas to potential areas of strength and proficiency.

Diagnostic Test


Understand what skills your child has demonstrated proficiency on ie. strengths. Through strength recognition we obtain insight as to what drives confidence and we try to simulate this across their learning environments.

Optimise Learning

Discuss possible strategies to help optimise your child's learning curve and intake. Ultimately determine which class best suits their skills and learning capacity

High Achieving Students

Know Your Child's Academic Needs

Enrolling your child in to our Diagnostic Test is an excellent way for parents to understand their child’s academic needs. We provide a Diagnostic Tests at our centre, which also includes a consultation session to run you through results and findings. Early diagnosis is key to building the foundation blocks for successful learning habits.

What To Expect?

Our classes have been carefully constructed to maximise optimal learning conditions

Open Feedback

We highly encourage open feedback between parent, student and teacher as it is crucial to have all members share the same vision. Teachers actively work with students to ensure that they are aware of how they can improve and ultimately turn weaknesses in to strengths.

Small Classes

We focus on small class sizes as we believe all students deserve equal and maximal learning opportunities. In organising small classes, we can strike a perfect balance between healthy competition between peers and sufficient care from the teacher.

Behaviour management

Acknowledging positive behaviour is crucial to the development of effective study habits both in and outside the classroom. We  manage our classes using a behavioural management plan, served to build a positive learning environment for all.

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