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Highly-Qualified NSW Teachers

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At Mammoth Learning, our top priority is providing your child with exceptional academic excellence to help them thrive in their education. We achieve this by employing highly qualified and experienced NSW teachers who are currently teaching in accredited schools in NSW, regulated by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority). Our teachers are familiar with the school curriculum and standards, and many have experience teaching enrichment classes, assessed NAPLAN tests, and other accelerated programs.
Teaching goes beyond just knowing the content. Our teachers are skilled in managing classes and student behavior to help students develop into disciplined and forward-thinking individuals. With years of experience teaching in classroom settings with up to 30 students, our teachers are well-equipped to provide personalized attention in small tutor classes.
Our teachers are skilled in identifying our students’ strengths and weaknesses with a keen eye for detail. By understanding their unique needs, we can transform their weaknesses into areas of improvement and eventually their strengths. Join us at Mammoth Learning, where your child will receive the best academic support and guidance to help them excel in their education.

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Kindergarten to Year 12 | High School & Primay School Tutoring
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Our  tutoring philosophy is about nurturing student confidence through growth mindset adoption. We believe that through time, effort and proven technique that students can learn and excel beyond numeracy and literacy excellence as proficient life-long learners and problem solvers. Striving to achieve mammoth results with bright young minds.

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Student Diagnostic Test

Deep Insights Into Your Child's Performance

The results of the Diagnostic Test provide valuable insights into a student’s unique learning needs and style. By understanding these results, parents, teachers, and students can work together to create optimal learning conditions that foster educational growth and development. Every child is unique, and identifying their learning needs and style early on is crucial to building positive learning habits and a growth mindset. This can be achieved through consistent practice, guidance, and the support of experienced professionals. At Mammell Learning, we are committed to providing personalised learning experiences that cater to each child’s unique learning style and needs. Our qualified teachers and tutors work closely with students to help them develop the skills, habits, and mindset needed to succeed in their education. Join us today and discover the difference that personalised learning can make in your child’s education.


Identify your child's weakest areas with reference to the curriculum. Provide parents with insight into which concepts their child struggled to master.

Academic Needs

Understand what needs to be done to excel and accelerate learning. Main focus is to convert struggling areas to potential areas of strength and proficiency.

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Understand what skills your child has demonstrated proficiency on ie. strengths. Through strength recognition we obtain insight as to what drives confidence and we try to simulate this across their learning environments.

Optimise Learning

Discuss possible strategies to help optimise your child's learning curve and intake. Ultimately determine which class best suits their skills and learning capacity


Compulsory Test for High School and Primary School Students: Tutoring Canley Heights

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is a collection of examinations primarily aimed on targeting basic learning skills on an annual basis to Australian students. These  basic skills examinations focus on tracking the students’ reading, writing, language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy proficiency level and are orchestrated by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). The National Assessment Program is overseen by the Council of Australian Governments Education Council. NAPLAN is an excellent way for parents to gather some insight into their child’s learning needs and academic performance. Early diagnosis is always key as to ensure that we can develop positive learning habits at an early stage during the child’s learning development. It is crucial that parents, take these NAPLAN tests with due consideration as they can be a valuable asset when it comes to moving schools, particularly to a high ranking school as this can improve their chances of being enrolled.

Know Your Child's Academic Needs

Having your child take our Mammoth Learning Diagnostic Test is an excellent way for parents to gain insight into their child’s academic needs. Our diagnostic test, which is conducted at our Canley Heights NSW tutoring centre, includes a consultation session to review the results and findings. By identifying your child’s learning needs early on, you can help them build the foundation blocks for successful learning habits and examination preparation (HSC, OC, Selective, and NAPLAN). Our experienced tutors are committed to providing personalised learning experiences that cater to each child’s unique learning style and needs. Join us today and discover the difference that early diagnosis and personalised learning can make in your child’s education

The Respected Tutors Canley Heights NSW Needs

At Mammoth Learning, we have carefully designed our classes to create optimal learning conditions, making us a trusted and reputable tutoring centre in Canley Vale. Whether you are looking for Kindergarten tutoring, Year 12 tutoring, or mathematics learning centres, we have the academic resources and experienced teachers to help your child excel in their learning and growth. Our tutors are committed to providing personalised learning experiences that cater to each child’s unique learning style and needs, and we are dedicated to helping our students achieve their full potential. Join us today and discover why Mammoth Learning is the gold standard for high-achieving educational institutes in Sydney, Canley Heights, and Canley Vale.

Open Feedback

We highly encourage open feedback between parent, student and teacher as it is crucial to have all members share the same vision. Our High School and Primary School Teachers actively work with students to ensure that they are aware of how they can improve and ultimately turn weaknesses in to strengths. The key to future development starts from within, building self-discipline and motivation to learn on their own. Feel free to ask our Sydney South West Tutoring Teachers any questions that you have, today!

Small Classes

We prioritize small class sizes to ensure every student receives equal and maximum learning opportunities. By organising small classes, we achieve a balance between healthy peer competition and individualised attention from the teacher. Our tutors, who are qualified NSW Primary and High School Teachers, are accustomed to handling up to 30 students per class in school every day. Therefore, a small class of 5 to 10 students is highly effective and efficient for us. – A tutoring centre dedicated to enriching learning in Canley Vale and Canley Heights.

Behaviour management

Recognising positive behaviour is essential for cultivating effective study habits, both within and beyond the classroom. We implement a behavioural management plan to create a positive learning environment for students at Tutors Canley Heights. This is why we exclusively employ Qualified School Teachers, as they possess the experience and management skills necessary to provide superior care to a class of students.

When are South West Sydney Tutors Essential?

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A common inquiry we receive at our Canley Heights Tutors is about the ideal timing to enrol a child in tutoring. Education plays a crucial role in life, and there’s no better time to enrol than the present. Enrolling with Canley Heights Tutors exposes your child to disciplined learning and self-motivation from a young age. Early learning is recommended as it’s more challenging to tutor a child with established bad habits.
In today’s competitive educational landscape, many parents enrol their children in our Canley Heights Tutors program. With education becoming increasingly competitive, parents are seeking any advantage for their children, often beginning tutoring classes as early as Kindergarten.
If you’re uncertain, we highly recommend speaking to our friendly staff or Canley Heights Tutors for a possible Diagnostic Test to assess your child’s learning abilities and compare them to the general cohort.
Fortunately, we have qualified NAPLAN test markers, providing us with a deep understanding of state-level standards. A good starting point may be to monitor your child’s school reports and NAPLAN test results to gauge their performance.
We offer a wide range of tutoring services, including Maths Tutoring, English Tutoring, and Private One-on-One Tutoring.

One of our many proud parents

The teaching staff of Mammoth Learning have been nothing short of amazing. Our son Derrick has been enrolled across a number of tutoring centres in the past from private tutoring to the popular franchises and have finally found our place here. Teachers have been very helpful and transparent with his academic needs from day 1. You can definitely see the passion and professionalism in their teaching, which is very encouraging to see. Keep it up!
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Mrs A.Nguyen
South Western Sydney captures a catchment of some reputable schools where parents are looking to give their children the upper edge when it comes to their education. Areas such as Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Canley Heights and so on have made major progress towards their educational status over the last decade as they strive for academic excellence. We have experienced tremendous success in helping children qualify into OC schools, Selective Tests and HSC. 

Common Schools Nearby
Canley Vale High School | Canley Vale Public School | Bonnyrigg High School | St Johns Park High School | Cabramatta High School | Cabramatta West Public School | Canley Heights Public School | Lansvale Public School | St Johns Park Public School | Harrington St Public School
Located within a few minutes away to the main strip of Canley Heights on Canley Vale Road, you may locate our tutoring centre. This main strip consists of both restaurants and professional services such as JB Solicitors, Community Kids Canley Heights Early Education Centre.

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