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Tutoring Works! Why Students Value It and How it Benefits Everyone

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English and Math Tutoring is a form of personal instruction that provides one-on-one help in the area of a student’s difficulty. Students who are tutored show improved academic performance and higher levels of engagement with their school work.


Tutoring can be an important tool in the classroom because it offers students opportunities for personalised education that cannot be provided by a teacher giving lectures. Tutoring also lets students master material at a pace that is appropriate for them, which increases their engagement with the subject matter.


The benefits of tutoring are clear, and they extend beyond just the student. Tutors play an important role in improving student outcomes, building confidence, and helping children learn how to learn. Whether a student thrives on 1:1 training or group sessions will depend on the learning style of the child, but most often small groups achieve the best of both worlds by offering a perfect blend between devotion, dedication and healthy competition with classroom peers.

Tutoring is one of the most helpful learning methods. It takes a step-by-step approach to teaching and offers plenty of individualised feedback.


Tutoring has a proven track record for increasing student success and for boosting retention rates in higher education. Tutors can also help students with their subject-specific skills and study methodologies.


Importance of Student Confidence


At such a young age, it is very detrimental to the child’s learning to adopt a level of discipline in their studies as any bad habits introduced early may be significantly more difficult to adjust/correct the longer it has been left unaddressed. By introduction, a tutor is able to pinpoint these bad habits early in its tracks, allowing enough time to then nurture new disciplines and learning habits.


The focus of learning will ultimately grow and change as they age through the developments of the tertiary education system. We find that in developing a strong level of confidence early, allows them to build a strong foundation for future learnings. We all can understand how difficult it is to thrive in a poor environment, let alone when one adopts a lower level of confidence.


 Children are taught by their parents, teachers and coaches to build confidence. But in the end, it is all up to them how they get themselves out of their slump. As a tutoring practice, it is our duty to provide them with the best learning environment possible for optimal learning through disciplinary confidence.


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